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Technology Access: Mayor Launches First Living Innovation Zone

Technology_29oct12Mayor Edwin M. Lee today, as part of Innovation Month, officially opened the nation's first Living Innovation Zone (LIZ) – an enterprise that links partners with the City to sponsor the installation of innovative exhibit spaces that make science and technology more accessible in public for the public. The first Zone, a partnership with the Exploratorium and the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District (YBCBD), is being launched on Market Street and Yerba Buena Lane.

"This unique initiative brings innovation that is sometimes behind closed doors and brings it out into the light of day where we can all learn and be inspired by it," said Mayor Lee. "I'm excited to see our sidewalks come alive with new ideas, and I believe it is initiatives like these that underscore our commitment to innovation and helps secure our reputation as the Innovation Capital of the World." Read more.


Biotech Innovation: Mayor Announces New Incubator in Mission Bay

Biotech Innovation: Mayor Announces New Incubator in Mission BayMayor Edwin M. Lee announced the opening of the Bayer HealthCare CoLaborator, an innovative shared lab for start-up life science companies in Mission Bay.

"I am thrilled to announce the opening of the CoLaborator that has already attracted two new life science companies to San Francisco, the Innovation Capital of the World," said Mayor Ed Lee. "The CoLaborator will encourage the growth of innovative research companies and support startups that will be developing groundbreaking medical treatments, Mission Bay continues to grow as a hub of innovation, and Bayer's leadership has strengthened this critical growth." Read more.