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City Sheriff: Board of Supervisors' Vote Reinstates Sheriff

Board of Supervisors' Vote Reinstates SheriffMayor Edwin M. Lee today issued the following statement regarding the Board of Supervisors’ 7-4 vote against sustaining charges of official misconduct against Ross Mirkarimi, which required at least nine votes to sustain the charges for removal as San Francisco’s Sheriff:
“I strongly disagree with the action taken by Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Kim and Olague this evening. I believe, and the Ethics Commission and a majority of the Board of Supervisors agrees with me, that the facts clearly demonstrate that Ross Mirkarimi’s actions and his domestic violence related conviction falls below the ethical conduct we expect of our elected Sheriff and constitutes official misconduct.
The Board’s decision returns a convicted domestic batterer to lead the Sheriff’s Office, and I am concerned about our City’s nationally-recognized domestic violence programs. I will do everything in my power to ensure that abusers continue to be held accountable and that victims and witnesses of domestic violence will not be silenced. Read more.

For more information see:
A) Ethics Commission Documents relating to official misconduct charges against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi
- http://www.sfethics.org/ethics/2012/04/documents-relating-to-official-misconduct-charges-against-sheriff-ross-mirkarimi.html

B) Legal Counsel's Response to the Recommendations of the Ethics Commission
- http://www.sfbos.org/index.aspx?page=13522


Quality of Life: San Francisco Named Best City by BusinessWeek

San Francisco Named Best City by BusinessWeekMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that San Francisco has received the distinction as America’s Best City in Bloomberg Businessweek.com’s 2012 best places to live ranking. San Francisco topped their list of 100 American cities researched.

“It’s certainly an honor for San Francisco to be named ‘America’s Best City,’ and it’s great to get recognition for the good work San Franciscans have done,” said Mayor Lee. “San Francisco is committed to being the best place to live, work and visit, and there is nowhere else on earth where you will find the economic opportunities and world-class events found in our great City.”

San Francisco ranked first overall due to an impressive performance across the board, with the highest score for education, ranking sixth in leisure and placing in the top 20 for economic factors and air quality. Because of the endless stream of international sporting events and cultural celebrations being held in San Francisco, thousands of tourists pour into the City every day and will continue to do so for years. The wealth of food trucks, restaurants, bars and parks make it one of the most unique and diverse places to live in the world. Read more.


Sheriff Appointment: Mayor Appoints Hennessy as New Sheriff

Sheriff Appointment: Mayor Appoints Hennessy as New SheriffMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced he is suspending Sheriff Mirkarimi following his guilty plea for false imprisonment and appointing veteran law enforcement official Vicki Hennessy as Sheriff. 

"Ross Mirkarimi has now pled guilty to falsely imprisoning his wife. After careful review of the City Charter and the evidence before me, I am suspending and formally charging Ross Mirkarimi with official misconduct," said Mayor Lee. "I take this action with every conviction that I am acting on a firm legal basis and doing what is in the best interest of the people of San Francisco. I am appointing law enforcement veteran Vicki Hennessy as the Sheriff. With her nearly 35 years of experience, I have no doubt that she will get the job done, lead the Sheriff's Department and support the good work of our Sheriff's staff and deputies." Read more.


City Development Project Earns National Recognition

San Francisco Development Project Earns National RecognitionwardDevelopment Project Earns Top Recognition by Brookings Institution and Others

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that the Hunters Point Shipyard – Candlestick Point redevelopment project has been selected as one of just three Transformative Investments in the United States by the Brookings Institution.

“All of San Francisco should be proud that the Hunters Point Shipyard – Candlestick Point project is being recognized as a national model for new development,” said Mayor Lee. “Many residents, particularly from the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods, have worked long hours to provide input and guidance for the much-needed redevelopment of this area, and the City will move forward without delay to transform the blighted shipyard to bring new housing, parks and thousands of jobs to the Southeast community.” Read more.


San Francisco Elections Information

San Francisco Elections InformationSan Francisco is holding elections on Tuesday, November 8. On Election day polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Voters are encouraged to confirm the address of their polling place by using the Poling Place Lookup tool.