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Super Bowl L: San Francisco to Submit Bid to Host 50th Super Bowl in 2016

Super Bowl L: San Francisco to Submit Bid to Host 50th Super Bowl in 2016Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that San Francisco, in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers and a San Francisco Bay Area regional bid committee, will submit a formal bid to the National Football League (NFL) to host Super Bowl L in 2016. The NFL officially invited San Francisco and Miami, Florida, home to the Dolphins, to submit a bid today to compete in hosting the 50th Super Bowl. 

At the request of Mayor Lee, Daniel Lurie, Founder and CEO of the Tipping Point Community, will lead the regional bid committee and assemble the City's bid. The game, which would be held at the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara, would bring hundreds of millions in revenue for the entire host region. Read more.


Innovation Month: Mayor Launches Code for America 2013 Partnership

Innovation Month: Mayor Launches Code for America 2013 PartnershipMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced on the first day to kick off Innovation Month that San Francisco has been selected as a partner city for Code for America's 2013 Fellowship Program. Through this program, Code for America will recruit top talent from the tech industry to give them a year in San Francisco, building civic software that will help create greater government efficiency, economic development, and citizen engagement.  

"San Francisco is proud to have Code for America as part of our innovation ecosystem," said Mayor Lee. "We have partnered with Code for America on many innovation initiatives, and we are very excited to continue to lead the way in driving solutions for tough social and civic challenges that will ultimately aid in building our economy, help generate jobs and further strengthen the bridge between San Francisco's innovative citizens, private partners and local government." Read more.


Biotech Innovation: Mayor Announces New Incubator in Mission Bay

Biotech Innovation: Mayor Announces New Incubator in Mission BayMayor Edwin M. Lee announced the opening of the Bayer HealthCare CoLaborator, an innovative shared lab for start-up life science companies in Mission Bay.

"I am thrilled to announce the opening of the CoLaborator that has already attracted two new life science companies to San Francisco, the Innovation Capital of the World," said Mayor Ed Lee. "The CoLaborator will encourage the growth of innovative research companies and support startups that will be developing groundbreaking medical treatments, Mission Bay continues to grow as a hub of innovation, and Bayer's leadership has strengthened this critical growth." Read more.


Improving Transit: Mayor Signs Transit Center District Plan

Improving Transit: Mayor Signs Transit Center District PlanMayor Edwin M. Lee today signed the San Francisco Transit Center District Plan after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved it on July 31, 2012, confirming the City’s commitment to developing a new commercial corridor envisioned in the downtown Plan and helping to finance the multi-modal Transbay Transit Center already underway.

“This district will be transformed from an area once dominated by automobiles to lively streets, abundant parks and more open spaces,” said Mayor Lee. “With even more transit service planned for the future and the new transit center now under construction, this is the best place to accommodate growth in the City. We can build and improve our City while creating jobs for our residents and supporting our continued economic recovery.” Read more.


Sustainable Development: San Francisco Joins U.N. Resilient Cities Campaign

Unisdr-logoMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city to join the United Nations’ Making Cities Resilient Campaign, an initiative to empower cities around the world to reduce the loss of life and property to disasters and protect the social, economic and environmental assets of communities.

“San Francisco has worked tirelessly to increase our overall resilience by investing in our physical infrastructure, such as our water system, and increasing the capacity of our residents and communities to respond to and rapidly recover from disasters,” said Mayor Lee.

“We welcome Mayor Edwin Lee on behalf of the people of San Francisco as the 1000th city to join the UNISDR’s Making Cities Resilient Campaign,” said U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Reduction Margareta Wahlström. “San Francisco’s participation further signifies that cities of all sizes and economic strength are prepared to take the lead on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. We are also particularly pleased to designate San Francisco as a role model city for ‘Advancing Resilience Through the Whole Community Approach’ given the City’s efforts to engage its citizens at neighborhood level in building resilience.” Read more.