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Invest in Neighborhoods: City Launches Program to Protect Small Businesses & Increase Access

Invest in Neighborhoods: City Launches Program to Protect Small Businesses & Increase AccessToday Mayor Edwin M. Lee and District 4 Supervisor Carmen Chu announced the launch of a new Invest in Neighborhoods pilot program called the Americans with Disabilities Act Small Business Assessment Program. The pilot will begin in District Four and will provide small businesses with an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) assessment report, a plan for compliance, and access to new grant funding and loan programs to make upgrades.

"This new ADA Business Assessment Program takes a proactive approach to improving ADA compliance for our San Francisco small businesses and provide accessibility for everyone," said Mayor Lee. "This program is another example of the focused, customized assistance that my Invest in Neighborhoods Initiative provides to help small businesses succeed." Read more.


Enterprise Zone: Mayor Launches Service to Help Businesses Access Tax Credits

Mayor Launches Service to Help Businesses Access Tax CreditsMayor Edwin M. Lee announced the launch of the San Francisco Enterprise Zone Web App, a web-based tool that allows San Francisco businesses to apply online for the City’s popular Enterprise Zone hiring tax credit program. The Enterprise Zone Web App will replace a completely paper-based process with a web based tool which increases government efficiency and makes it easier for businesses to utilize the program.  

“I am committed to making it easier for local businesses to operate and grow jobs in San Francisco,” said Mayor Lee. “The Enterprise Zone Web App takes a powerful tax incentive program and brings it online so small businesses, manufacturers and other firms can save time while they save money.” Read more.


Warriors Arena: Mayor Announces Labor Agreement with G.S. Warriors

Warriors Arena: Mayor Announces Labor Agreement with G.S. WarriorsMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced an agreement between the Golden State Warriors, local building trades unions and community groups to hire a minimum number of San Francisco residents for the construction of a proposed basketball and performing arts venue on San Francisco's waterfront. In an unprecedented step for a privately-funded construction project, the Warriors development team, labor, and community advocates committed to hiring 25 percent of the overall workforce from San Francisco.

"Creating and maintaining jobs in San Francisco benefits residents and local businesses; who in turn fuel our economy and keep our City moving in the right direction," said Mayor Lee. "In addition to their commitment to invest private funds to build a world class state-of-the-art venue, the Golden State Warriors have worked with labor and the community to create an unprecedented opportunity for our local workforce. As a champion for job creation and local hiring, I applaud the Golden State Warriors on this historic commitment." Read more.


CleanTechSF Initiative: Mayor Announces Initiative to Support Clean Energy

Mayor Announces Initiative to Support Clean EnergyMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the launch of CleantechSF – a new initiative to support the growth of the cleantech industry and cleantech jobs in San Francisco. CleantechSF has three key goals: (1) to streamline the demonstration and testing of clean technologies utilizing City assets; (2) attract cleantech anchoring institutions to San Francisco and (3) support early stage cleantech firms in San Francisco.
“As part of my 17-Point Jobs Plan, CleantechSF is designed to drive job creation in the cleantech and green sectors,” said Mayor Lee. “This innovative partnership brings together the California Clean Energy Fund and key City departments, with the singular goal of keeping San Francisco the leading center for cleantech.” Read more.


Super Bowl L: San Francisco to Submit Bid to Host 50th Super Bowl in 2016

Super Bowl L: San Francisco to Submit Bid to Host 50th Super Bowl in 2016Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that San Francisco, in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers and a San Francisco Bay Area regional bid committee, will submit a formal bid to the National Football League (NFL) to host Super Bowl L in 2016. The NFL officially invited San Francisco and Miami, Florida, home to the Dolphins, to submit a bid today to compete in hosting the 50th Super Bowl. 

At the request of Mayor Lee, Daniel Lurie, Founder and CEO of the Tipping Point Community, will lead the regional bid committee and assemble the City's bid. The game, which would be held at the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara, would bring hundreds of millions in revenue for the entire host region. Read more.