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City Budget: Mayor Signs Balanced Budget for FYs 2012-14

City Budget: Mayor Signs Balanced Budget for FYs 2012-14Mayor Edwin M. Lee today signed San Francisco’s first-ever two-year balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2012-13 and 2013-14 after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved it yesterday. The City’s first Two Year Budget closed a projected $263 million General Fund deficit for the coming Fiscal Year 2012-13 and $375 million deficit for Fiscal Year 2013-14.

“This two-year balanced budget invests in our people, our neighborhoods and our critical infrastructure to create jobs for our residents and expand support for public safety, small business, our schools and the social safety net in San Francisco,” said Mayor Lee. “I’m especially proud that, in an era of declining support from the State and Federal governments and amidst bitter partisan divides in Sacramento and Washington, we in San Francisco have worked together to build consensus and embrace pension, health and long-term fiscal reforms that increase our reserves and boost our economic recovery for the future. I want to thank all the members of the Board of Supervisors, especially Budget Chair Carmen Chu, as well as business, labor and community organizations, for their hard work and involvement this year to develop our first-ever two-year balanced budget.” Read more.


Transportation Funding: Mayor Announces Fed Funding to Improve Muni

Transportation Funding: Mayor Announces Fed Funding to Improve MuniMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced San Francisco awarded more than $21 million in U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Livability and State of Good Repair grants to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) for frontline Muni service enhancements and new, low-floor biodiesel-electric hybrid buses – critical investments that will optimize existing Muni transit service and improve the customer experience. 

"As the FTA makes a tremendous investment in public transit across the nation, we are pleased are highlighting San Francisco, as we are making significant changes to improve transit service for Muni riders and sustain our system for many years to come," said Mayor Lee. "I want to thank the Obama Administration and FTA Deputy Administrator McMillan for providing critical funds for San Francisco's transit future and our Congressional delegation for their support in creating a 21st Century transportation system." Read more.


New FY 2012-14 Budget: Mayor Presents Proposed Balanced Budget

New FY 2012-14 Budget: Mayor Presents Proposed Balanced BudgetMayor Edwin M. Lee today presented his proposed two-year balanced budget for Fiscal Years 2012-13 and 2013-14. The City's first Two-Year Budget closed a projected $263 million General Fund deficit for the coming Fiscal Year 2012-13 and $375 million deficit for Fiscal Year 2013-14. The Mayor's proposed balance budget is the result of hard work and collaboration by the City's elected officials, residents, departments, community organizations, employees and a wide range of other stakeholders. 

"Because of the discipline we have put into our budget process with Two-Year Budgets and Five-Year Financial Planning, the strategic investments we have made in job creation, and our commitment to reforming our pension and health care systems, San Francisco's economy is now recovering and our reserves are growing," said Mayor Lee. "This is good news, but it did not come without commitment and sacrifice. We can now continue our investment in job creation and growing our economy while sparing the City the deep cuts we have experienced over the last several years. The hard work is not done. We must remain fiscally responsible and continue the structural reforms and good government policies we pursued that helped us get to this point. This budget reflects my commitment to innovate, create jobs and invest in our City's infrastructure, housing, small businesses and neighborhoods." Read more.


Public Safety Funding: Mayor Releases Police and Fire Staffing Plans

SFPD-SFFDMayor Edwin M. Lee today joined Police Chief Greg Suhr and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White to announce a multi-year comprehensive staffing plan to increase the number of uniformed men and women to protect the community and serve San Francisco’s neighborhood residents.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) six-year hiring plan will satisfy the City Charter mandated 1,971 full duty officers. In the Mayor’s proposed two year budget, SFPD will hold six Police Academy classes and hire 300 officers (50 per class) over the next two years. SFPD will continue to hire three classes of 50 officers over the next six-year period and is anticipated to reach the City Charter mandate of 1,971 full duty officers by June 2018.

In the next six years, the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) will hold six Fire Academy classes and one Emergency Medical Technicians class to restore staffing levels in order to use less overtime. Read more.


Small Business Funding: Mayor Announces Commercial District Funding

Small_business_fundingMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced new commitments to neighborhood commercial districts and small businesses in his proposed two year budget. The budget will more than double grants funding to $1.5 million; add $4 million to dramatically expand loans and other grants specifically targeted at neighborhood small businesses; double the team that works full time in neighborhood commercial corridors to streamline permitting and link small businesses with City programs and resources; and launch the Jobs Squad to help neighborhood small businesses get expert City staff out of City Hall and into the neighborhoods.

Mayor Lee was joined by Board Budget Chair Supervisor Carmen Chu, District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim, area business owners, neighborhood residents and leaders, community-based groups, and City department heads to make the announcement in Little Saigon in the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District neighborhood. Read more.