Entertainment Initiative: Mayor Launches NightLifeSF Initiative

07may2014_NightLifeSFMayor Edwin M. Lee and Supervisor Scott Wiener today announced the launch of NightlifeSF, an initiative to support San Francisco’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment industry. The City’s $4 billion industry includes 3,200 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, live music venues, and performing arts spaces that create over 52,000 jobs in San Francisco. The initiative will support the sector by providing a one stop for existing or prospective nightlife business owners with resources and tools including dedicated staff and a new website to help navigate city rules on starting or maintaining a nightlife business in San Francisco.

“Our City’s world-class nightlife and entertainment industry helps make San Francisco a unique and great place to live, work, play and visit,” said Mayor Lee. “The range of tools we are deploying provides our nightlife and entertainment businesses with valuable resources and guidance so they can start, stay, and successfully thrive— keeping San Francisco a premier nightlife destination.” Read more.

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