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11 posts from June 2012


Open Government: Mayor Launches US Mayor Innovation Partnership

Mayor Launches US Mayor Innovation PartnershipToday Mayor Edwin M. Lee, as Chair of the first U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) Technology and Innovation Task Force, announced the Open Government Innovation Partnership – a call to action to help cities advance and prioritize innovation to drive job growth, economic development, improved efficiency and collaboration. The USCM Technology and Innovation Task Force will be asking Mayors to join the partnership as active and committed partners to help build an ecosystem that will help cities advance and prioritize innovation to improve government.  “This is a time for cities to confront challenges by taking risks and embracing innovation,” said Mayor Lee. “In San Francisco, we are using technology and innovation to improve city services that impact our everyday lives, from transportation to education to civic engagement.” Read more.


Tax Reform: Mayor Introduces Measure to Reform Business Taxes

Mayor-ed-lee-david-chiuMayor Edwin M. Lee and Board President David Chiu today introduced a proposal to reform the City’s current anti-job business tax structure for the November 2012 ballot. After months of thorough analysis by the City Controller, economic modeling by the City Economist and inclusive outreach to San Francisco’s diverse business communities, Mayor Lee and Board President David Chiu proposed a gross receipts tax as an alternative to the City’s current payroll tax, which punishes companies for growing and creating new jobs in San Francisco. The measure also raises $13 million in new General Fund revenue through increased business license fees for affordable housing.

“San Francisco is the only city in California with a payroll tax and it’s time to reward companies for creating jobs in our City, not punish them,” said Mayor Lee. “After months of inclusive, transparent outreach to the City’s diverse business community and many others, President Chiu and I are proposing comprehensive business tax reform for this November that ends our tax on jobs, protects small business and will bring stable, growing revenue for vital City services and affordable housing for the future.” Read more.


Veterans Housing: Mayor Highlights SF Homes for Heroes Campaign

Veterans Housing: Mayor Highlights SF Homes for Heroes CampaignMayor Edwin M. Lee today urged San Francisco landlords to join the City’s SF Homes for Heroes campaign and help house 50 homeless veterans in 100 days. The campaign provides help to homeless veterans with federal supportive housing vouchers who cannot find an apartment to rent in San Francisco.

“San Francisco remains steadfastly committed to supporting our veterans and giving them a second chance,” said Mayor Lee. “This unprecedented initiative will help us serve the men and women who have proudly served us in our armed services. While we have a long road ahead to care for our nation’s heroes, we can make a big difference beginning today. I am encouraging property owners to join this effort.” Read more.


Housing Foreclosure: Mayor Seeks Delay in Foreclosure Proceedings

Housing Foreclosure: Mayor Seeks Delay in Foreclosure ProceedingsMayor Edwin M. Lee today asked the nation's five mortgage loan servicers that settled in the joint federal-state mortgage settlement to voluntarily pause foreclosure proceedings against homeowners who are at risk for foreclosure but could be eligible for assistance under the terms of the settlement. 

San Francisco was joined by Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose in a letter to executives at Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial to pause foreclosure proceedings against some borrowers until the settlement is finalized and the monitoring mechanisms are fully in place. Read more. 

June 2012 Elections: City, County and State Election Results

June 2012 Elections: City, County and State Election ResultsSan Francisco voters went to the polls on Tuesday June 5th, 2012 to express their preferences in the California Presidential Primary Elections and on several state and local propositions.

On the two local measures, San Francisco voters rejected Measure A which would have changed  garbage collection and disposal policy; and approved Measure B which limits private events at COIT Tower. For more information about local and state measures and comprehensive election results please visit:

- San Francisco Election Results

- San Francisco Elections Department

- State of California Election Results