Mayor Announces Clean Streets and Employment Program

Mayor Announces Clean Streets and Employment Program JobsNOW3 Program to Clean City Streets & Parks, Creating Jobs for Low-Income City Residents

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the launch of the Clean Streets Program to employ up to 200 low income San Franciscans through the Human Services Agency (HSA)’s JobsNOW3 program. The program will create public service trainee positions at the Department of Public Works (DPW) for street cleaning and at the Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) for park maintenance and cleaning. Workers will be placed in jobs as early as October 1st.

“Getting San Franciscans back to work in this economy is among my top priorities. While our unemployment rate is well below the State average, we can do better. This innovative and creative approach helps keep our streets and parks clean while keeping our economy growing,” said Mayor Lee. “We are offering low-income San Franciscans the dignity of a job and a paycheck instead of unemployment.” Read more.

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