City Announces Hotline to Provide Financial Crisis Advice

City Announces Hotline to Provide Financial Crisis Advice Two-Day Hotline for Real-Time Advice from Expert Financial Counselors.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Treasurer José Cisneros today announced the SF Financial Advice Line, a two-day telephone hotline connecting San Francisco families to free, real-time, financial crisis and money management information from seasoned financial experts. SF Financial Advice Line will also provide referrals to free or low-cost counseling services from a network of culturally competent non-profit agencies.

“Everyone knows someone who is unemployed, dealing with foreclosure, or struggling to make ends meet,” said Mayor Lee. “SF Financial Advice Line is here to help, and I am thrilled to support this effort. Callers will receive information and referrals to address debt and credit management, budgeting. I look forward to taking calls and helping San Franciscans access advice and counseling to navigate these turbulent economic times. San Francisco is proud to be a leader to ensure everyone has the chance to be successful financially and build a better future for their families.”  Read more.

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