City Announces SFPark Pricing for City Garages

San Francisco Announces SFPark Pricing for City Garages The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all surface transportation including the Municipal Railway (Muni), today announced that it will begin applying the SFpark approach to setting parking rates at City-owned garages participating in the SFpark project, the SFMTA’s two-year federally funded pilot of new parking management technologies and approaches.

As part of the improved pricing approach, the Agency also announced specific rate changes to be implemented this month at the first two garages to receive new SFpark rates: the Moscone Center and Lombard garages. Along with signage, paint, and lighting upgrades, demand-responsive pricing will make parking in City garages in the SFpark pilot areas more appealing, and make rate setting at garages more transparent. All rate changes will be posted on one week prior to the change. Customers who wish to be notified directly may sign up for an e-mail alert at
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