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Mayor Signs Residential Rent Legislation for Temporary Occupancy

Mayor Lee Signs Residential Rent Legislation for Temporary Occupancy Supervisor Scott Wiener Champions Ordinance for Reduced Rent after Emergency Tenant Dislocation

Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced today that he has signed into law an amendment to San Francisco’s administrative code that will ensure tenants whose homes are uninhabitable after earthquakes, fires or other disasters can find temporary housing at the same rental rate.  

Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced this Good Samaritan occupancy law allowing landlords to offer temporary housing at reduced rental rates in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters without impacting their ability to later charge market rate rents..

“We have seen families displaced after fires or other disasters and we want to make sure that they can find temporary housing so they can begin the recovery process,” said Mayor Lee. “This good government law protects tenant rights and helps us ensure that families can continue to live and thrive in our City even after a disaster. Thank you to Supervisor Wiener and the Board of Supervisors who have all seen these tragic events affect the residents in their districts. I applaud the tenant and landlord groups for stepping up when people need help the most.” Read more.


Mayor Lee Appoints Gregory P. Suhr as Chief of Police

Mayor Lee Appoints Gregory P. Suhr as Chief of Police Selection of Police Chief with 30 Years of Vital Experience, Proven Leadership, and Reformer Background to Bring SFPD to 21st Century.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today appointed and swore in Captain Gregory P. Suhr as Chief of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

“I am very proud today to appoint and swear in Greg Suhr as Chief of Police to succeed former Police Chief and now District Attorney George Gascón,” said Mayor Lee. “Chief Suhr has been a leader within the SFPD with 30 years of experience and is deeply committed to ongoing reforms and increased accountability in the police department. His selection moves the SFPD into the 21st century. He will work to bring violent crime in our City to historic lows and implement innovative crime prevention strategies to keep San Francisco the safest big city in our country.”

“Greg Suhr is a professional police leader and a strong supporter of the hardworking men and women of the San Francisco Police Department,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “He's committed to our reform agenda including making San Francisco the safest large city in the U.S., the implementation of COMPSTAT, and discipline reform. I applaud the Mayor and the Police Commission on their selection. Greg is the ultimate champion of community policing.” Read more.


Mayor Lee Signs Urban Agriculture Legislation

Mayor Lee Signs Urban Agriculture Legislation Mayor Edwin M. Lee today signed into law an amendment to San Francisco’s planning code that will explicitly allow for “urban agriculture” in all areas of the City and the sale of produce from urban gardens in all non-residential zones.

“The Urban Agriculture Ordinance will allow for greater local food production within City limits,” said Mayor Lee. “This legislation will not only help support our community through the increased production of fresh, locally grown produce, but will also revitalize vacant arable land and create green jobs.” Read more.


Mayor Highlights Emergency Preparedness on 1906 Quake Anniversary

Mayor Highlights Emergency Preparedness on 1906 Quake Anniversary As the City prepares to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the 1906 Great Earthquake and Fire, Mayor Edwin M. Lee who presided over his first Disaster Council meeting today highlighted earthquake and emergency preparedness.  In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Mayor Lee, Department of Emergency Management Executive Director Anne Kronenberg and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White emphasized the need for San Franciscans to be prepared for any type of disaster or emergency.

“Recent earthquakes in Northern Japan and New Zealand are all too clear reminders that we must continue to prepare for the next major earthquake,” said Mayor Lee. “It’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the next major earthquake will hit this region, and as we commemorate the 1906 earthquake, we need to reaffirm our commitment to making emergency preparedness an everyday part of our lives.  Even with all the progress we are making to seismically upgrade our hospitals, our water system and our critical infrastructure, every single family needs to be prepared for the next major earthquake. We need to all be ready.” Read more.


Mayor Highlights JobsNow2 Employment Program

Mayor Highlights JobsNow2 Employment ProgramMayor Edwin M. Lee, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) Director Trent Rhorer today highlighted local incentives and private sector wage subsidies through JobsNOW2, a City-funded successor to the successful federal stimulus-funded Jobs NOW! initiative. More than 500 San Francisco residents are now employed through the JobsNOW2 program, but the City would like to see more participation from local small business to get more San Francisco residents jobs.

“San Francisco stepped up last year to offer incentives for private sector employers to keep people working and our economy growing,” said Mayor Lee. “We are offering people the dignity of a job and a paycheck instead of unemployment. JobsNOW2 is good for business and good for our City.” Read more.