2011 Homeless Count - Volunteers Needed

2011 Homeless Count - Volunteers Needed Save the date! San Francisco’s next bi-annual count of homeless persons will take place on Thursday, January 27, 2011 from 7pm to 12am. The count will begin with a one-hour training that takes place from 7-8pm. The homeless count is a volunteer-driven, community-wide effort coordinated by the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA). Volunteers are needed to assist with several different aspects of the count (see “roles” below).

Why does San Francisco count its homeless, and how will this information be used? All cities and counties receiving federal funding to provide housing and services for the homeless are required to conduct a bi-annual count of homeless persons living in the street and in shelters and other programs during the final week of January 2011. This information helps the federal government better understand the nature and extent of homelessness nationwide. Locally, the homeless count helps inform the allocation of resources for services to help the homeless, and provides a means of measuring the impact of homeless programs and services.

What will happen during the count? On the night of the count teams of volunteers will cover assigned routes, counting homeless individuals observed on the street across the city. Depending on the area, some volunteers will walk, and some will drive. Read more.

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