Mayor Signs Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive

Mayor Newsom Signs Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive Executive Directive Sets Ambitious Targets to Reduce Pedestrian Casualties, Directs Departments to Implement Specific Recommendations

Mayor Gavin Newsom today signed an Executive Directive to both implement short-term priority pedestrian safety actions and to create and implement a longer-term Pedestrian Action Plan to make it safer to walk in San Francisco. The Executive Directive creates targets for the reduction of serious and fatal pedestrian injuries and creates a citywide target of a 25% reduction in serious and fatal pedestrian injuries by 2016 and 50% reduction by 2021. These injury prevention goals should be linked with a complementary citywide goal of increasing walking as a share of trips in the City.

“San Francisco is one of the nation’s most walkable cities, but serious and fatal pedestrian injuries are still too common,” said Mayor Newsom. “This Executive Directive provides a two-prong strategy that includes both short-term steps we can take now to improve pedestrian safety, as well as creating a Pedestrian Safety Task Force that will look at overall long term goals. I would like to thank the staff and directors at the SFMTA, WalkSF and the Department of Public Health for their efforts to develop this comprehensive Executive Directive.” Read more.

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