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11 posts from December 2010


City Announces End to Potrero Power Plant Operations

San Francisco Announces End to Potrero Power Plant Operationsnt California ISO to Remove Plant’s “Must Run” Obligation Beginning January 1, 2011 and Does Not Plan to Require Plant Operation After December 31, 2010

Mayor Gavin Newsom and the California Independent System Operator (California ISO), the nonprofit state organization that oversees the reliability of California’s electric grid, today announced that the GenOn Energy/Mirant-owned Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco will effectively cease operations by December 31. With the Trans Bay Cable successfully placed into commercial operation and the final segment of the San Francisco Recabling Project (Martin-Bayshore-Potrero) completed by PG&E, California ISO will release the Potrero Power Plant from its reliability must-run (RMR) contract obligation, allowing the plant to close entirely.

“Today is a historic day for so many who have worked for years to close this power plant,” said Mayor Newsom. “This is a monumental step towards cleaner air, environmental justice and our future of renewable energy and healthier communities. I want to express my sincere thanks to California ISO President & CEO Yakout Mansour for working closely with San Francisco to find a way to shutter the City’s last fossil fuel power plant while protecting the reliability of our electric grid. It has been a long and sometimes difficult road, but at last, we come together to celebrate this victory for the people of the Southeast sector and our entire City.” Read more.


Mayor Signs Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive

Mayor Newsom Signs Pedestrian Safety Executive Directive Executive Directive Sets Ambitious Targets to Reduce Pedestrian Casualties, Directs Departments to Implement Specific Recommendations

Mayor Gavin Newsom today signed an Executive Directive to both implement short-term priority pedestrian safety actions and to create and implement a longer-term Pedestrian Action Plan to make it safer to walk in San Francisco. The Executive Directive creates targets for the reduction of serious and fatal pedestrian injuries and creates a citywide target of a 25% reduction in serious and fatal pedestrian injuries by 2016 and 50% reduction by 2021. These injury prevention goals should be linked with a complementary citywide goal of increasing walking as a share of trips in the City.

“San Francisco is one of the nation’s most walkable cities, but serious and fatal pedestrian injuries are still too common,” said Mayor Newsom. “This Executive Directive provides a two-prong strategy that includes both short-term steps we can take now to improve pedestrian safety, as well as creating a Pedestrian Safety Task Force that will look at overall long term goals. I would like to thank the staff and directors at the SFMTA, WalkSF and the Department of Public Health for their efforts to develop this comprehensive Executive Directive.” Read more.


City Announces Pedestrian Promenade on Powell Street in Union Square

Pedestrian Promenade on Powell Street in Union Square Mayor Gavin Newsom today announced the construction of the City’s latest Pavement to Parks project, a new and innovative public space in the heart of San Francisco’s commercial downtown as part of a new a partnership between the City & County of San Francisco, The Union Square Business Improvement District (BID) and Audi of America.  This new public space will take the form of a continuous pedestrian promenade along Powell Street for two blocks between Ellis and Geary Streets and running alongside the famed Cable Car.  The new Powell Street Promenade will provide more space for pedestrians to sit and relax and enjoy one of San Francisco’s most vibrant corridors.

“Through an innovative public-private partnership, we are creating a vibrant, new green public space in the heart of our City, despite limited resources and a difficult economic climate,” said Mayor Newsom. “I applaud Audi for their generous financial support and for partnering with the City and the Union Square BID. I also want to thank the BID for its leadership in the district for the past 11 years, and for expanding in 2009 from 10 to 27 blocks, increasing its capacity to invest in improvements, maintenance and activation of innovative public spaces such as the Powell Street Promenade.” Read more.


Mayor Announces Increase to San Francisco's Minimum Wage

Mayor Newsom Announces Increase to San Francisco's Minimum Wage

City to Boost Wages for San Francisco’s Lowest Paid Workers to $9.92 Per Hour Starting January 1, 2011.

Today Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the City’s minimum wage will increase to $9.92, adjusted by 1.3% from $9.79 per hour, to San Francisco’s lowest paid workers starting January 1, 2011.

“Ensuring that our local minimum wage keeps pace with inflation will protect the purchasing power of San Francisco’s working families and further stimulate our economic recovery,” said Mayor Newsom.

The Minimum Wage Ordinance, passed by the voters in November 2003, calls for annual rate adjustments based on the previous year’s Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose metropolitan area. There was no increase in the San Francisco minimum wage in 2010. Read more.

Mayor welcomes the San Francisco Giants' World Series Commissioner's Trophy back to City Hall

Mayor welcomes the San Francisco Giants' World Series Commissioner's Trophy back to City Hall Mayor Gavin Newsom today welcomed the San Francisco Giants’ World Series Commissioner’s Trophy back to City Hall – it made its first appearance here during the Giants ticker-tape parade and celebration ceremony in November. The sterling silver Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Trophy was on display in City Hall for several hours for public viewing on Wednesday. Also today, Mayor Newsom was joined by Arlington, Texas Mayor Robert Cluck, M.D. to coach two Junior Giants teams in a short scrimmage, emphasizing confidence, integrity, teamwork and leadership, the four principles of the youth baseball program run by the San Francisco Giants Community Fund. The Junior Giants game with students from Bret Harte Elementary School settles a friendly mayoral wager during the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. The game was played at Gilman Playground in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.  

“The San Francisco Giants defied all the odds to win the World Series, and I couldn’t be prouder to welcome the Commissioner’s Trophy back to City Hall for the public to see,” said Mayor Newsom. “I know Mayor Cluck is a good sport who cares deeply about youth and community service because he was willing to come all the way out here from Texas to settle our mayoral wager and wear a World Series Champion San Francisco Giants jersey the whole time doing it. Thank you to the Junior Giants and the Giants Community Fund for connecting youth to opportunities to develop leadership skills and self-confidence through sports.” Read more.