Mayor Announces City Incentives For Local JobsNow! Program

Mayor Newsom Announces City Incentives For Local JobsNow! Program City to offer local version of Jobs NOW! to incentivize private sector employment, boost local economy if Congress fails to extend successful federal stimulus-funded program set to expire September 30th.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) Director Trent Rhorer today announced new local incentives and private sector wage subsidies to continue a modified version of the highly successful Jobs NOW! program – which has put more than 4,100 San Francisco parents back to work – if Congress fails to extend stimulus funding for subsidized employment programs by September 30th. If Congress allows funding for Jobs NOW! and similar programs around the country to expire, nearly a quarter million low-income Americans will be at risk of unemployment come October 1st.

“Economists may tell us the recession is technically over, but a jobless economic recovery is no recovery at all to parents out-of-work,” said Mayor Newsom. “Jobs NOW! has subsidized thousands of private sector jobs so we can offer people the dignity of a paycheck and a job instead of unemployment. We still call on Congress to extend this highly successful federal stimulus program, but if Washington won’t act, San Francisco will step up to offer new local incentives for private sector employers to keep people working and our economy growing.” Read more.

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