Mayor Announces $50 Million Grant for New Public Safety Network

Mayor Newsom Announces $50 Million Grant for New Public Safety Network The U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and Mayor Newsom today announced the award of a $50.6 million grant to build a broadband communications network for Bay Area public safety agencies.  This network is one the first of its kind in the nation to be built utilizing the 700MHz spectrum, recently vacated by television stations.

The grant will fund the Bay Area Wireless Enhanced Broadband (BayWEB) project, which will provide Bay Area emergency responders with a dedicated and prioritized broadband communications system.  The system will allow fire, police and other public safety officials to transmit information more quickly and efficiently, during both day-to-day operations and major emergencies.  For example, new broadband applications can enable responders to view the layout of a burning building before entering it or transmit video images from an accident scene.

“When a major earthquake or disaster strikes next in the Bay Area, a regional, secure and dedicated communications network for our first responders will literally save lives, prevent further damage and protect public health and safety,” said Mayor Newsom. “I am proud that, working together with cities and our public safety and law enforcement agencies throughout the region, the Bay Area will now be one of the nation’s first regions to deploy this innovative emergency broadband communications network.”

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