City Launches Full Implementation Of Bicycle Plan

San Francisco Launches Full Implementation Of Bicycle Plan San Francisco’s bike plan moves forward to increase safe bicycle use in the City

Mayor Gavin Newsom today joined City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to launch the first San Francisco Bicycle Plan project. The project follows Friday’s order by the San Francisco Superior Court that lifted its 2006 injunction preventing the City from implementing portions of the plan. The SFMTA has announced its aggressive plan to move forward on 45 of the 60 near-term bicycle projects as part of the full Bicycle Plan that will invest in and implement bicycle facility improvements, educational efforts and innovative policies and programs to increase safe bicycle use in San Francisco. The 60 near-term projects will add 31 miles to the existing 48 miles of bike lanes in the City, an increase of 64 percent.

“Today we are on our way to becoming America’s best city for cycling,” said Mayor Newsom. “San Francisco is a proven leader in promoting bicycling as a healthy and environmentally sustainable transportation alternative. I want to commend the stewardship of City Attorney Dennis Herrera and SFMTA for their efforts in the lifting of the bicycle plan injunction so we can move forward. Bicycling has increased 34 percent since last year and I know that with a safer and more inviting bike network, more and more San Franciscans will start bicycling.” Read more.

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