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June 2010 Elections Results

June 2010 Elections Results The voters have spoken. See the full election results at the Departments of Elections' website.

The web site has links to both local and statewide primary elections results.

Below is a summary of Measures approved or rejected by Voters in San Francisco.

A - School facilities special tax - Approved with 69% of votes
B - Earthquake safety and emergency response bond - Approved with 79% of votes
C - Film commission member appointments - Rejected by 53% of votes
D - Retirement benefit costs - Approved with 77% of votes
E - Budget line item for police department security for city officials and dignitaries - Approved with 55% of votes
F - Renters' financial hardship applications - Rejected by 56% of votes
G - Transbay transit center - Approved with 83% of votes


Mayor Hails Milestones in Redevelopment of Hunters Point Shipyard

Mayor Hails Milestones in Redevelopment of Hunters Point Shipyard Planning & Redevelopment Commissions’ Approval of EIR & Redevelopment Plan Are Major Boost for Project to Bring Thousands of New Jobs, Affordable Housing Units & New Parks to Southeast Communit

Mayor Gavin Newsom today hailed passage of the Hunters Point Shipyard environmental impact report (EIR) and redevelopment plan by the San Francisco Planning and Redevelopment Commissions as critical milestones in the redevelopment of the Hunters Point Shipyard.

“This is a major milestone for our efforts to transform the shipyard from an environmental blight to a showcase of jobs, affordable housing, parks and green-technology investment for the Bayview and our entire City,” said Mayor Newsom. “The approvals of the EIR and Redevelopment Plan reflect the years of hard work, rigorous study and extensive community involvement invested in revitalizing our City’s Southeastern Waterfront.”

The Bayview-Hunters point site comprises 720 acres of waterfront land along San Francisco’s southeastern shores. The development project is designed to provide 10,500 residential units—32% of which will be offered at below-market rates—320 acres of parks and open space, including a new “Crissy Field of the South,” approximately 700,000 square feet of destination retail and entertainment space and over 2.5 million square feet of commercial space oriented around a “green” science and technology campus. The project can also accommodate an optional site for a world-class football stadium for the San Francisco 49ers.


Mayor Newsom Proposes 2010-11 Balanced Budget

Mayor Newsom Proposes 2010-11 Balanced Budget Mayor’s $6.48 Billion Budget Balanced Without New Tax Increases through Partnership with Public Employee Unions, Government Efficiencies, New Revenues &  Reform.

Despite a lingering global economic recession and a historic projected budget deficit, Mayor Gavin Newsom today proposed his balanced budget for San Francisco’s fiscal year 2010-2011. The $6.48 billion budget prioritizes investment in infrastructure, jobs and economic development, protects public safety and preserves the City’s social safety net for the most vulnerable – without new general tax increases. The proposed budget closes the projected $482.7 million deficit largely through  City government efficiencies and reforms, significant public employee union concessions, salary, position and overtime reductions and shifting to outside union contractors for some services.

“Even amidst great economic challenges, we have worked hard to protect our values and invest in our priorities through this proposed budget – jobs, public safety and the social safety net for the most vulnerable,” said Mayor Newsom. “Working in partnership with our public employee unions and by reforming City government to make it more efficient, we are protecting jobs and vital services at a time when our State government and cities across California are facing even deeper cuts, new tax increases and  large-scale layoffs.”

The Mayor’s budget reduces overtime by $17.7 million, a 16% reduction over the previous year, and eliminates 855 positions overall, leaving City government with the lowest number of city employees since 1998. Though once confronting thousands of layoffs, more than $250 million in wage and other concessions agreed to or pending agreement by the City’s public employee unions over the next two years means less than 35 0 layoffs are anticipated this summer, far fewer than even the cap of 425 agreed to in labor  negotiations this spring.

The Mayor's 2010-2011 Proposed Budget is available online at www.sfmayor.org/policy-Finance under the "FY 2010-2011" section under "Budget Documents." You can also click on the following to go directly to the document: http://www.sfmayor.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/FINALFY10-11MYRProposedBudget.pdf

Watch the Mayor's 2010-2011 Budget Presentation on YouTube