June 2010 Elections Results

June 2010 Elections Results The voters have spoken. See the full election results at the Departments of Elections' website.

The web site has links to both local and statewide primary elections results.

Below is a summary of Measures approved or rejected by Voters in San Francisco.

A - School facilities special tax - Approved with 69% of votes
B - Earthquake safety and emergency response bond - Approved with 79% of votes
C - Film commission member appointments - Rejected by 53% of votes
D - Retirement benefit costs - Approved with 77% of votes
E - Budget line item for police department security for city officials and dignitaries - Approved with 55% of votes
F - Renters' financial hardship applications - Rejected by 56% of votes
G - Transbay transit center - Approved with 83% of votes

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