San Francisco Municipal Election Nov. 3, 2009 - Results

Election San Francisco Municipal Election Nov. 3, 2009 - Results ( Last Updated: 11/3/2009 10:14 PM) - For complete election results visit the Dept. of Elections' web site and the Elections' results page

Results Overview:

Proposition A - Approved by 68% of Voters
Bottom line: City and County of San Francisco will be required to adopt a 2 year budget and city departments will be asked to create 5 year financial plans.

Proposition B - Approved by 52% of Voters
Bottom line: Removes the restriction that City's elected member of the Board Supervisors are limited to two aides.

Proposition C - Approved by 57% of Voters
Bottom line: Allows San Francisco to sell the naming rights to Candlestick Park reversing a previous proposition when the name Candlestick Park was mandated.

Proposition D - Rejected by 54% of Voters
Bottom line: In 2002 San Francisco banned new display advertising in the city. Voters rejected this proposition which would have amended that ban to allow new advertising on Market St. between 5th and 7th Streets.

Proposition E - Approved by 57% of Voters
Bottom line: Approval of proposition halts any additional advertising on City owned property such as MUNI's stops and buildings.

City Attorney Election (Dept web site) - Dennis Herrera re-elected by 96% of Voters

Treasurer Election (Dept web site) - Jose Cisneros re-elected by 96% of Voters

Disclaimer: At the end of election night, the Department of Elections reported results from all polling places. However, there are ballots that cannot be processed on Election Night, including absentee ballots that the Department of Elections receives on election day, provisional ballots that are cast at polling places, and ballots with write-in votes. In general, it takes the Department two weeks or more to process all absentee and provisional ballots and write-in votes. All aspects of the election process are open to public view, so candidates, members of the media and the public may observe signature verification and processing of provisional and absentee ballots and write-in votes. Each afternoon after election day the Department will release a cumulative report that includes provisional and absentee ballot cards processed that day.

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