Dennis Herrera re-elected by voters as City Attorney

Ca-herrera Voters have re-elected Mr.Dennis Herrera as the San Francisco City Attorney.  As City Attorney, Dennis Herrera leads what American Lawyer magazine described in 2004 as "one of the most aggressive and talented city law departments in the nation." The first Latino ever to serve as San Francisco's City Attorney, Herrera was elected in 2001 on a pledge to defend the integrity of public institutions, to expand neighborhood protection efforts, and to enhance local government's accountability to its residents and taxpayers. But it has been several of his bolder, affirmative litigation efforts for which Herrera and his office have earned a national reputation.

Under Herrera's leadership the City Attorney's Office has tackled several high-profile local issue - same-sex marriage, gang injunctions, the Mirant power plant, the "sanctuary" policy for illegal immigrants, and recently deceptive health claims in marketing of food products. Herrera also filed the first ever government lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of state marriage laws that discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. Over the course of four years of litigation, his leadership would prove instrumental in eventually uniting twenty-one California cities and counties -- including 7 of the state's 8 largest cities -- to stand in support of marriage equality for same-sex partners. 

For more information please visit the City Attorney's web site.

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