Mayor Announces S.F. Urban Wind Power Task Force Recommendations


09/29/09 - Mayor Newsom today announced recommendations from San Francisco’s Urban Wind Power Task Force, charged with finding ways to encourage the expansion of local wind power generation in San Francisco. The Task Force’s 29 recommendations include working at the state-level to exempt small wind turbines from property tax increases, installing more City-owned small wind demonstration sites, and exploring offering permitting cost refunds.

"In order to meet our ambitious renewable energy and climate goals, we need to pursue all technologies available to us," said Mayor Newsom. "Anyone who’s ever been San Francisco knows that we have parts of the city that get a lot of wind. It’s time for San Francisco to start harnessing its collective ingenuity to construct small-scale urban wind sites on city and private property."

Other recommendations include developing a "San Francisco Wind Map," implementing a wind anemometer (wind meter) loan program to allow potential wind customers to borrow anemometers from the City to better understand their wind resource, and exploring the possibility of revising city-wide height limits to allow for greater wind power generation. Read more

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