City Announces Pilot Program to Improve Transit on Market Street

Market Street San Francisco Mayor Newsom today announced that the City will be piloting several strategies to improve public transit, and the pedestrian experience along Market Street. "The new and improved Market Street will rival main streets around the world," said Mayor Newsom. "With input from the community, and the leadership of the five key agencies, we will identify specific solutions that work best for our main corridor."

Beginning Tuesday, September 29th, private motorists travelling eastbound on Market Street will be encouraged to turn right on 10th Street before being diverted south at 8th Street. Motorists coming onto Market Street from Seventh Street will be diverted off at 6th Street. Traffic flowing north and south across Market Street will be unaffected, as will cars travelling west. Public transit, bicycle, emergency vehicles and delivery vehicles will continue to fully access Market Street. Read more

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