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10 posts from July 2009


Mayor Newsom Announces Regional Food Policy for San Francisco and Several New Food Initiatives

Mayor-foodpolicy 07/08/09 - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom today issued the first ever comprehensive food policy for San Francisco, and a sweeping action plan to make improvements to food that is available in the region. The plan, which Mayor Newsom issued through Executive Directive, aims to ensure that all regional residents have access to healthy food, and will have far reaching impact throughout Northern California by increasing support for area farms.

"The stark reality is that hunger, food insecurity, and poor nutrition are pressing health issues, even in a city as rich and vibrant as San Francisco," said Mayor Newsom. "From the alleviation of hunger, to the need to support local and sustainable agricultural practices, these recommendations form a comprehensive and strategic approach to addressing pressing needs in all sectors of the food system."

Mayor Newsom, joined at the announcement by California Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura and representatives of the United State Department of Agriculture, explained that the food policy calls for a range of actions to be completed in 180 days. Read More


Mayor Newsom Announces First Solar Installations at S.F. Public Housing Sites

Mayor Newsom Announces First Solar Installations at San Francisco Public Housing SitesNewsom also announces 450% increase in San Francisco solar applications since inception of solar rebate program

07/07/09 - Mayor Gavin Newsom today announced plans to install over 365 kw of solar panels on the San Francisco Housing Authority properties of Hayes Valley North and South and Plaza East through San Francisco’s GoSolarSF Initiative. The solar panels will provide hundreds of thousands of kilowatts of clean, renewable electricity to public housing residents. The project is expected to create 25 jobs and be completed by the end of the year.

"With initiatives like GoSolarSF, San Francisco is lighting the way with solar power," said Mayor Newsom. "Solar power will reduce greenhouse gases, grow our green economy, and lead the state towards a future of clean, renewable energy."

Sunwheel Energy Partners, a renewable energy firm, will install the solar panels on the public housing properties. The solar installation is also made possible by the San Francisco Housing Authority, McCormack Baron Salazar/ McCormack Baron Ragan, by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s GoSolarSF solar energy incentive program, and by the MASH Rebate Program, the affordable housing component of the California Solar Initiative, managed by Pacific Gas & Electric. Read more


Mayor Newsom Launches New Online Resource for San Franciscans in Need of Medi-Cal and Food Stamps

Mayor Newsom launches new online resource for San Franciscans in need of Medi-Care and Food Stamps 07/02/09 - Today Mayor Gavin Newsom launched an innovative new online resource, www.BenefitsSF.org that allows San Francisco residents to use an online application, electronic signature, and webcam to see if they’re eligible for Medi-Cal and Food Stamps. The resource allows applicants to apply for assistance from the comfort of their home or at community center, without having to setup an office interview.

"With the technology that exists today, there is no reason that people should still have to dedicate an entire day and suffer through long lines just to access government services," said Mayor Newsom. "This is a way to streamline government by eliminating waste, becoming more efficient, and making it easier for those in need to get help." Read more


Board's Budget Committee Approved Revised FY 09-10 Budget

07/02/09 - The Board of Supervisors' Budget and Finance Committee yesterday approved the revised budget and forwarded it to the Full Board for final review and approval. The committee worked closely with the Mayor's office to reallocate about $40 million towards protecting social services. The Full Board will review and consider the revised budget for approval in about 2 weeks. The committee was chaired by Supervisor John Avalos and is also composed of the following members: Dufty, Mirkarimi, Chu, and Campos.

Please visit the budget and finance committee website for more info.

Mayor Newsom Opens San Francisco's New Medical Respite and Sobering Center

Mayor Newsom Opens San Francisco's New Medical Respite and Sobering Center

07/01/09 - Mayor Gavin Newsom today opened San Francisco’s Medical Respite and Sobering Center, the City’s newest facility providing temporary post-hospitalization care and sobering services for many of the City’s most vulnerable residents. The center also celebrated becoming the new home of Community Awareness and Treatment Services (CATS), a private non-profit agency that has served this primarily homeless population for over 30 years.

"San Francisco is dedicated to providing all its citizens with exceptional healthcare," Mayor Newsom said. "This respite center ensures that our most vulnerable residents are not forgotten and have access to quality care and treatment." Read more