Mayor Newsom Launches New Online Resource for San Franciscans in Need of Medi-Cal and Food Stamps

Mayor Newsom launches new online resource for San Franciscans in need of Medi-Care and Food Stamps 07/02/09 - Today Mayor Gavin Newsom launched an innovative new online resource, that allows San Francisco residents to use an online application, electronic signature, and webcam to see if they’re eligible for Medi-Cal and Food Stamps. The resource allows applicants to apply for assistance from the comfort of their home or at community center, without having to setup an office interview.

"With the technology that exists today, there is no reason that people should still have to dedicate an entire day and suffer through long lines just to access government services," said Mayor Newsom. "This is a way to streamline government by eliminating waste, becoming more efficient, and making it easier for those in need to get help." Read more

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