Mayor Newsom Announces Regional Food Policy for San Francisco and Several New Food Initiatives

Mayor-foodpolicy 07/08/09 - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom today issued the first ever comprehensive food policy for San Francisco, and a sweeping action plan to make improvements to food that is available in the region. The plan, which Mayor Newsom issued through Executive Directive, aims to ensure that all regional residents have access to healthy food, and will have far reaching impact throughout Northern California by increasing support for area farms.

"The stark reality is that hunger, food insecurity, and poor nutrition are pressing health issues, even in a city as rich and vibrant as San Francisco," said Mayor Newsom. "From the alleviation of hunger, to the need to support local and sustainable agricultural practices, these recommendations form a comprehensive and strategic approach to addressing pressing needs in all sectors of the food system."

Mayor Newsom, joined at the announcement by California Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura and representatives of the United State Department of Agriculture, explained that the food policy calls for a range of actions to be completed in 180 days. Read More

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