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Mayor Newsom Announces Expansion of the Healthy San Francisco Program

Mayor Gavin Newsom photo announces expansion of Healthy San Francisco

06/03/09 - Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today that on July 1, 2009, the Healthy San Francisco provider network will expand to include Kaiser Permanente as a provider of care to the uninsured. "From the beginning, Healthy San Francisco has been a partnership of the public and private sectors," said Newsom. "And at every step, Kaiser Permanente has been a valuable partner in the City’s efforts to develop the Healthy San Francisco program." Newsom also thanked Kaiser for being a member of his Universal Healthcare Council, funding the initial actuarial analysis for the program and for having a Kaiser representative sit on the Healthy San Francisco Advisory Committee.

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City Announces New Tool to Access City Services with a 'Tweet'

Mayor311 on Twitter 06/02/09 - In an effort to foster more civic collaboration and connectivity with constituents, Mayor Newsom today announced a first of its kind application that allows citizens to access the City’s 311 Call Center  through Twitter, a social networking service. Instead of making a phone call, members of the public can send a short message called a "tweet" to alert the city about a pothole, or simply find out about the City’s green initiatives.

"I’m very excited that San Francisco is the first major City to roll out an application of this magnitude on Twitter," said Newsom. "We are changing the way cities connect with their government." Read More

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Mayor Newsom Releases 2009-10 Budget

Budget2009-10 06/01/09 - Mayor Gavin Newsom proposed a balanced budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year that focuses on solving the budget challenge by attracting new jobs and making smart infrastructure investments in order to put San Franciscans back to work. The budget preserves basic services, maintains police officers and firefighters, and taps the rainy day fund to prevent teacher layoffs and balance the city’s budget. Healthy San Francisco, the city's first-of-its kind universal health care program, will continue to grow.

"As we crafted a new balanced budget for the City and County of San Francisco – against the backdrop of our state’s troubled economy – we focused our scarce resources on core priorities – health, safety, economic recovery, transportation and improving and increasing educational opportunities from pre-Kindergarten through college," said Mayor Newsom. "Despite the indecision in Sacramento about how to cut budgets because of the shrinking economy, San Francisco is improving the economy with the most aggressive local economic stimulus package in the nation and creating over 20,000 jobs from projects that are currently underway or that will start in the next year."  Read More

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Watch Mayor Newsom Budget Press Conference

Mayor Newsom presents the 2009-10 Budget for the City & County of San Francisco.

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