RecoverySF Launches "Vote on Ideas" Feature to the Public

Recoverysf-logo 5/29/09 – Today  launched a new pilot feature that allows the public to suggest and vote on ideas related to stimulus funding investments. The ‘Vote on Ideas’ feature is part of the city’s continuing efforts to engage with the community through new channels. The RecoverySF Online Discussion  is a web application that allows you to submit and vote on ideas for specific topics related to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The goal is to harness the collective intelligence of our community to help shape local ARRA investments.

This technology platform allows residents to submit ideas, discuss and refine others' ideas, and vote the best ones to the top. We are seeking innovative approaches to policy, tools, programs, technology relating to ARRA.  We will provide specific topics related to ARRA that will help focus the discussion. Specifically for grants and initiatives where we have flexibility and investment options. Our first question is: What ideas, tools, programs and approaches can help expand broadband access and adoption in underserved areas, expand the capacity of public computing centers and improve access to broadband by public safety agencies?
“Providing residents with tools that leverage the wisdom of our community is an exciting opportunity for San Francisco to continue our long tradition of innovation and creativity,” said Mayor Newsom. “With this collaborative pilot with the public, we are making a difference by utilizing simple and zero-cost tools to better compete for and allocate ARRA funding.”

“Dealing with the paramount issues at hand requires direct participation and partnership with our community. The city understands this and is piloting a new avenue for public discourse. We encourage everyone to participate in these discussions to help promote creative solutions to the daunting challenges and opportunities we face,” said Kyri McClellan, Stimulus Czar.


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