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10 posts from May 2009


Statement from Mayor's Office on Proposition 8 Ruling

Statement from Nathan Ballard, Communications Director, Mayor Gavin Newsom on Proposition 8 Ruling

05/20/09 - Today a website posted an item that quoted a false allegation from an unnamed source: "Mayor [Gavin] Newsom reached out to the Supreme Court and asked them to hold off releasing their decision so it did not coincide with the White Night riots."

This allegation is not true. We have asked the website to correct the item immediately.

Mayor Newsom Signs Legislation Improving Muni's Hybrid Biodiesel Buses

Mayor Gavin Newsom photo

05/19/09 - Today Mayor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that will allow Muni, which is operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), to replace existing lead-acid batteries with advanced lithium-ion batteries. The new batteries will improve the reliability of Muni's hybrid biodiesel buses and save the transit agency millions of dollars over the life of the vehicles.

Muni's 86 hybrid biodiesel buses already get 25 percent more miles per gallon than conventional buses; the lithium-ion batteries are expected to increase the fuel economy of the hybrids by an additional 15 percent. The funds saved from this action will be invested in the maintenance and repair of the Muni fleet.

San Francisco remains committed to having the greenest transit fleet in the United States. More than half of the vehicles in the Muni fleet—including light rail vehicles, electric trolley buses, cable cars and historic streetcars—are zero emissions.


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Face Keep informed about the latest news and events of the City and County of San Francisco by joining us on our home on the facebook website. You can also access a number of city services directly from our facebook pages.

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Visit website (outside of SFGov): http://www.facebook.com/sanfrancisco


Mayor Newsom Announces San Francisco's Highest in the Nation Recycling Rate Now at 72%

Mayor Newsom’s mandatory construction debris recycling ordinance accounts for lowest tonnage sent to landfills in over 30 years

05/12/09 - San Franciscans are world class recyclers, and are closing in on the city’s goal of 75 percent landfill diversion by 2010. New statistics show that the city kept 72 percent of all recyclable material from going to the landfill, up from 70 percent the year before. The most significant gain was in the area of recycling material from building sites, thanks to Mayor Newsom’s 2006 Mandatory Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance.

"By requiring builders to recycle debris from construction projects, we were able to divert tens of thousands of new tons of material away from the landfill," said Mayor Gavin Newsom. "Clearly, mandatory recycling measures pay off; if we’re going to reach a recycling rate of 75 percent in 2010 and zero waste by 2020, we need to make sure that residents and businesses are taking full advantage of our composting and recycling programs."

The figures compiled by the City’s Department of the Environment (SF Environment) show that San Francisco generated 2,100,943 tons of waste material in 2007. Of this, only 617,833 tons went to landfill, the lowest disposal rate since 1977.

The increased recovery of construction and demolition debris is a positive trend. However, SF Environment data shows that over two-thirds of the landfill-bound material was recyclable, with nearly 40 percent consisting of mixed compostables (mostly food scraps and soiled paper), 15 percent recyclable paper, and 15 percent other mixed recyclables.

"If we captured everything going to landfill that could have been recycled or composted, we’d have a 90 percent recycling rate" observed SF Environment Director Jared Blumenfeld. "The Board of Supervisors will soon be considering an ordinance that will require residents and businesses to sign up and use the recycling and composting programs, which we need to make our goals."

Mandatory recycling is an established best practice in the field of solid waste management, and many state and local governments have mandated recycling various materials, or conversely banned them from landfills. Major cities including Seattle, Pittsburgh, Honolulu and San Diego have successfully implemented mandatory recycling programs. Garbage collection has been mandatory in San Francisco since 1932.

To learn more about San Francisco’s recycling programs visit: http://www.sfenvironment.org/.


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