Mayor Newsom Announces Results of Pilot Project to Help Low-Income Families Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Newsom-low-income 05/21/09 - Mayor Newsom today announced results of The Family Independence Initiative (FII) pilot project in San Francisco. The Family Independence Initiative (FII) is designed to help low-income families achieve self-sufficiency. FII provides computers and access to small amounts of capital to low income families that create their own goals and meet them.

"The Family Independence Initiative is proving that if we re-think our efforts to alleviate poverty, we can change lives and help low-income families be more self-sufficient," said Mayor Newsom. "I am particularly impressed with how quickly we are seeing results. Families that have gone through the program are buying homes, reducing their debt, and going off of welfare and food stamps -- and it's taking place organically through these micro-payment incentives. It really shows what is possible when you incentivize self-improvement with small amounts of targeted funds." Read More.

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